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Visual kei Shopping Guide: Visual kei clothing and merchandise online stores.

Posted by Toshi San - -

Recently I have seen many of my followers requesting a place to find Visual Kei merchandise or clothing online. Even in the past many people have come to me asking "Where can I buy Jrock CD's?" or "Where can I find Visual Kei clothing?". While I replied to them a few helpful links, I want to elaborate here and help point everyone in the right direction for what ever you may be looking for!

Don't see your favorite online stores in my list? Maybe I don't know about it! Share it with me! If i like it, I'll add it to this post!

Visual Kei / Jrock Merchandise Stores:
"Where can I find Jrock merchandise?". Whether your looking for CD's, T-shirts, trinkets or other odds and ends from your favorite Jrock bands check out these online stores.

CD Japan
This one is obvious to most, and the most popular. Here you will find all Japanese music CD's here as well as visual kei Jrock bands. You'll also find magazines and magazine subscriptions available for visual kei magazines. They also sell photo-books DVD's, posters and more. They have a page just for visual kei. So if your search is specific to visual kei you might want to try there first.

JAPAN Discoveries
This one is dedicated to Jrock merchandise and music! You can buy almost everything you would need here, including instruments and musical accessories.

Cool JAPAN Store
Here you can find a variety of things. Mostly popular Jrock bands merchandise. They also sell various traditional Japanese items as well as some Gothic Lolita clothing. They also have some cosplay items. Plus more. A little bit of everything here, so take a look!

Visual Kei Clothing Stores:
"I want to dress in the Visual Kei, but I don't know where to find the clothes!" I have a few here for you that you should check out. These are some of my favorites, and I hope you will like them too.

One of my favorites. This one is pretty popular and rightly so. They sell punk rock fashion. If you need an English version try CDJapan's page. They are an official re-seller of SEX POT ReVeNGe.

Kincs Web Shop
Here you can find popular visual kei clothing brands such as h.Naoto, Hangry & Angry, Sixh and more.
Also there is a US link for h.naoto.

Another great web shop for punk kei. They also have some unique designs as well. You'll have to check them out to see their variety.

More Punk rock clothing! Another site with a variety of punk kei clothing brands.

Body Line
Check them out for Lolita clothing. They also sell Punk and Cosplay clothing as well.

Bringing you Lolita and Gothic Lolita.

Angelic Pretty
Check them out for more Lolita clothing!

Original hand made clothing to quench your thirst for the darker side of fashion.

Other Japanese goods Stores:
Only one here, the only one you'll ever need to go too for all your Japanese item needs.

The J-list specializes in a variety of Japanese products. You can find Visual Kei magazine subscriptions here.  They sell everything you will ever need that is Japanese related. Just take a look at their navigation to see what I mean!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey is there any way to translate ALGONQUINS page?


  2. If you have google browser it'll ask if you want to translate it

  3. Crystal says:

    Hello, I have no money, but I've found this online visual kei/goth/punk shop called pixieknix. It's from China and their selection is very small (no shoes!) But maybe they'll expand. I really liked what I saw, and though you might like to add it to your list, if it isn't a fake.

  4. Crystal says:

    Are there any recommendable Visual Kei/punk shops in Penang Malaysia?

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